2014 – The First Day of a New Year for the Queen of Ordinary

I’m off to a great start on a new blog.  Truly I am the Queen of Ordinary.  I wrote an entire entry, only to mysteriously make it vanish into cyberspace instead of publish.  🙂

This is the first day of 2014 and I am embarking on a journey to see what Extraordinary God will do in the life of the Queen of Ordinary.  I’ve decided to start behaving as if my dreams and goals are a reality instead of distant hopes that never seem to get any closer.

There are many things I’d like to do in 2014.  High on my bucket list is a trip to Scotland with camera in hand.  I’ve been dreaming this dream for years.  I know there are obstacles like funds, travel arrangements, lodging, and so on.  But if I continue to look at those things, I’ll never get there.

I use to say I’d marry the man who would take me to Scotland. How ridiculous is that?  If I want to go to Scotland and believe that it is a dream God has placed in my heart, then I will take myself with God’s help.  🙂

I told my mother this morning that I want to go to Scotland in 2014 and am starting a fund for it.  She told me that I certainly shouldn’t tell anyone.  Why?  In case I fail.

I’ve lived my life so afraid that every decision was the wrong one, not the sensible one, not what would best please God, or would have negative consequences for those whom I love.  It’s a miracle I’ve ever done anything besides sit I a dark house with a blanket up around my throat trying to keep all the boogies away.  It’s a wonder I have walking around sense, as much as I have questioned every step, analyzed things to death, and lived in the shadow of low expectations.

But I serve and Extraordinary God whose possibilities for my life are endless.  I’m so thankful that I can hear His voice, trust in His love, and believe that He has a destiny for me and a purpose for this ordinary life.

There are 365 days in 2014.  I am believing that even in the midst of the ordinary, I can writing amazing things across those pages in the hands of an Extraordinary God.


2 thoughts on “2014 – The First Day of a New Year for the Queen of Ordinary

  1. It sounds like a wonderful goal for 2014. I am guessing Scotland is a destination of heritage? Keep feeding that piggy bank and keep planning the trip. I have no doubt you will have your dream. With God all things are possible.

    • Joyce,
      I’m just now figuring out how to reply to comments on my blog. Thank you for stopping by to read. I do think we have Scotch/Irish roots. Still dreaming of the trip and praying for the right time, right group, finances, etc. and feeding my piggy bank!

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