January 3, 2014 – A Day with the Queen of Ordinary

I looked out the window several times in the night to watch the accumulating snow.  We didn’t get  as much as predicted, but there is another storm headed our way in a couple of days.  I feel back to sleep almost instantly with no memory of dreams.

I wish I could capture some of my dreams on film.  I dream in color, dream complete plots like a Hollywood cinema, and sometimes just dream crazy, fragmented things.  I come from a culture where “spiritual dreams” are regarded with great reverence.  These dreams have significance beyond the night’s sleep and the mind’s imagination.  Sometimes such dreams are a warning, .a comfort, sometimes a solution to a problem, and sometimes the Word of the Lord for instruction.  They are different from all the other dreams we have and are pretty easy to tell the difference.

If I have a spiritual dream, I will wake up immediately and every detail will be burned in my brain with great exactness – colors, symbols, important words.  Often I can not go back to sleep until I get up and spend time praying about it.  Sometimes I fall back asleep and dream the same dream again – with every detail pulsating through me when I wake.  I think everyone has such dreams, but not everyone pays attention to them.

Today I had a friend tell me that she had a waking dream (or vision) of me standing in a field of yellow flowers with my hand shielding my eyes, peering toward the top of a hill, looking for something or someone.  She said that finally she saw a man crest the hill.  I started running toward him, and he started running toward me.  Sounds romantic, doesn’t it?  BUT she said we totally ran past each other – about six feet apart as if neither of us could see the other one.  This sequence repeated three times with the two of us completely missing each other.  She said she was thinking, “Scoot over!  You’re so close – just six feet away….” (but oblivious).  The FOURTH time she said we finally ran smack into each other’s arms.

I couldn’t help laughing.  I’ve been single a LONG time.  I have definitely scanned the horizon, hoping to see my Boaz coming for me.  I’ve even hoped a couple of times that he might have shown up.  But no.  If he is out there, we have missed each other in passing.  Maybe he didn’t recognize me because I wasn’t in the package he had hoped for, or maybe I didn’t recognize him because he didn’t come the way I expected.  Or MAYBE the timing just hasn’t been right.

Only time will reveal if this was a spiritual dream my friend had about me.  I know her heart’s desire for me would be that I would be loved by a godly man whom the Lord had chosen for me.

Have you had significant dreams?  Spiritual dreams?  Do you have dreams that you are holding in your heart, hoping they will come to pass?

Be encouraged.  God never drops His dreams in our hearts unless they have a purpose and a meaning.  Time will reveal both.  🙂



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