Queen of Ordinary gets cabin fever – January 4, 2014

With bad weather threatening again in the next day or so I decided I should get out while the getting is good. I checked mail at the P.O., then decided to have some photos run off. Wally World was packed.  Sometimes I can’t help wondering if they are giving things away the way people flock in.  There were NO buggies left.

Looks like I wasn’t the only one with cabin fever.

I went on to visit a friend and take photos of the new baby in her family.  What a little cutie!  I love taking pictures of children.  It is a tricky business, but a couple of good shots makes it all seem worth it.  They fed me while I was there.  Great food.  Good timing.

I couldn’t help thinking about our lives and how we go along from day to do in our little routines.  But let the weatherman throw a threatening report at us and everyone tries to get things done that they may not be able to take care of for a few days.    Wouldn’t it be great if we always kept everything caught up – grocery shopping, paying bills, checking mail, and visiting friends, so that if we are suddenly caught off guard by circumstances, it doesn’t throw our whole life into upheaval.

God isn’t impressed by the weather forecast.  He doesn’t have to reschedule major events to accommodate bad weather.  Nothing takes Him by surprise, and He is always caught up.  If we want to live our lives to the fullest, I’m convinced we should always try to have things caught up and up to date.  Instead of going into a panic if something out of the ordinary comes our way, we could be prepared and ready to face whatever comes.

For today – for this moment at least, I am caught up on all the little things I need to do.  🙂


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