Queen of Ordinary on a Frozen January 7, 2014

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It seems that most of the country is experiencing a real chill-o-rama.  It has been many years since I lived in Steger, Illinois, but I remember the cold winters there that can only come from lake effect snows and cold where the weather doubles back upon itself and hits with another blast before it disappears.  Comparing Kentucky to that kind of weather is really unusual.

I went out one morning to go to work the winter after I graduated from high school and in a hurry, had not put my gloves on.  My hand literally stuck to the door handle, and it hurt like crazy when I jerked it off.  It felt like my entire palm had been scalded with hot water.

I cant help wondering about all the little beasties out in such bone chilling cold.  I know that bears hibernate, deer grow thicker layers of fur, and birds develop an insulated layer of down.  But what keeps duck feet from freezing in the water?  What keeps deer and elk noses from getting frost bitten?  Do frogs freeze solid in the mud?  What do fish do when lakes and rivers freeze?  Do little birdie feet ever stick to their nests of tree branches in an ice storm?

I have no pets to care for, but  I know those who do have them have to take special care of them in such frigid temperatures.  Even though I have no pets, I know it is a good thing to put out bird seed.  Some in our region leave hay bails for deer and other wildlife.

I believe in God the Creator who had a master plan complete with details for the survival of every species.  Such detail can not exist in randomness.  It boggles my mind that anyone can find it simpler to believe that our world accidentally happened from some big bang theory – that it is even possible to create every living thing out of nothing – than to believe that there is a Master Creator who shaped our world, planned our existence, and expressed His Creative spirit in the diversity of plants, animals, climates, ecosystems, and geological structures found on planet Earth.

Today, this ordinary woman who can’t imagine existing in the Polar regions, is thankful and in awe of an Extraordinary God who holds this whole world and all living things within it in the palm of His hand.



4 thoughts on “Queen of Ordinary on a Frozen January 7, 2014

  1. I honestly think the same thing every time in the winter. I surely do hope that God takes care of our wonderful creatures and they survive the winter safely. Especially the little bunnies out there 🙂

    • I’m just figuring out how to respond to comments. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Winter is surely almost done. I’ll be glad to see the spring “babies” in nature. (sunshine and flowers will also help! 🙂

    • Donna,
      I’m just now figuring out how to respond to a comment on the blog. I wish you would do one about childcare. You have so much talent and wisdom with children. Thank you for stopping by to look at the blog. I had Margie’s photos of Ireland/Scotland out last night. Tell her I really appreciate that she took time to make the copies for me. It is good to look at them and be reminded of my goal.

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