Queen of Ordinary is Thankful for Closed Doors – January 8, 2014

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Have you ever wanted anything so badly you just couldn’t wait for it to work out?  Maybe you’ve knocked on the door, sure that God would swing it wide open for you, convinced that your blessings were on the other side.  So, you knocked and knocked until your knuckles were bloody and still the door wouldn’t open.

It’s frustrating to be convinced that our will in a matter and God’s will in the matter are one and the same, only to find that the door is not going to open.

A trip to Scotland is at the top of my bucket list.  I’ve wanted to go for years.  I’ve dreamed about it, talked about it, hoped for it, had people send me calendars and travel books of Scotland, and watched videos about this amazing country.  I was convinced that God was going to allow this dream to come true in my life.

At the end of 2013 I decided that I needed to stop hoping, dreaming, and wishing for the “someday” trip to Scotland and start behaving as if the trip is absolutely going to take place.  So I changed my way of thinking and doing about the trip.  I’ve already set up a small fund that I am going to work at growing to make my way there.  I even contacted the friends who had said in the past that they wanted to go again.  I was excited to make my first Scotland pilgrimage with people who had already been.

I was sure this would be the year.  When the two other retired teachers have gone in the past, they go on a budget and stay for 30 glorious days!  I called my friend recently in Florida and the other lady who usually plans the itinerary, books lodging, arranges for car rentals, B & Bs or homes to stay in has fallen and broken her hip.  She says she will not be making any plans, arrangements, or trips to Scotland ever again in the future.

That door appears to be closed tight, locked, and sealed.  But it isn’t the only door that leads to the same destination.  God’s plans are always better than my own.  So, I’m praying, believing, researching travel to Scotland, and am convinced that if this is part of my destiny, that my Heavenly Father God will take this ordinary woman, unexperienced traveler, on a journey I’ll never forget.  I want His timing and His open doors to always be the ones I seek, and in the mean time, I will thank God for all the unanswered prayers and closed doors in my life that have kept me from disaster.


2 thoughts on “Queen of Ordinary is Thankful for Closed Doors – January 8, 2014

  1. The Lord knows the desires of our heart, and I’m believing and agreeing with you through faith that “his” will be done! As long as we keep the faith we won’t be left “empty handed”.

    • Thank you for reading my blog, Nicole and for agreeing with me that God’s will be done in my life today and always. Scotland is a desire and I believe a “sending”. If that is right, He will open the right doors at the right time! I enjoy seeing your posts on facebook. God has certainly blessed you. I just figured out this morning how to respond to messages on the blog – as you can see. Always something new to learn.

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