The Queen of Ordinary Looks Between the Cracks – January 9, 2014

FotoSketcher - arrowmont saturday canon 039

I have no idea what happened to the original post… some glitch on my end, I’m sure.  I do remember what it was about, though.

I dropped a pair of tweezers while sitting on the sofa and they fell down in the crack between two sections.  They weren’t on the floor.  They didn’t seem to be anywhere.  So I maneuvered my hand and arm between the sections and found that there was just enough space between the frame and the cushion for things to fall into the bottom lining of the piece of furniture.

I pulled out curler clips, the pair of tweezers, a missing business card, a dime, a favorite hair clip, a candy wrapper, and maybe an ink pen.  As those things had disappeared, by life went on without them.  I got along okay without even realizing they were missing.

But when I found them, they were things I needed, but didn’t realize it until I had them in my possession again.

Sometimes we let people slip between the cracks of our life because we are so busy doing other things or looking for other ways to fill up that space.  Could it be that there are important people that you and I have forgotten about along the way?  Maybe we should do a headcount and see whose missing from our days and go find them while we still can.  Maybe we haven’t realized how much we needed them or the significant roles they played in our lives because we haven’t stopped and wondered where they’ve gone.

And just maybe, if we look between the cracks, we will find someone that we didn’t realize we needed until we have them back again.  🙂


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