The Queen of Ordinary Still Has Much to Learn – January 13, 2014

I had such a cool photo to go with this post, but I keep doing something wrong. Obviously I still have a lot to learn about blogging, designing and setting up photographs. The point is, I am learning something new. I find technology to be very intimidating, but I keep working at it and trying to develop new skills.

The photograph was from Hensley Settlement’s one room school house in the National Park. My relatives lived there once upon a time. They valued education enough to build a school and secure a teacher for their children. Supplies were limited, and teachers had to be hard to find for the little isolated community on top of the mountain straddling Virginia and Kentucky.

Education is a whole different world now than it was back at the beginning of the 1900s. One teacher was responsible for every subject and every grade. After 30 years in the classroom teaching every grade from First – Eighth, I am very thankful that I only had to teach one at a time! Modern students have to do more than rote memorization of facts and equations. Their biggest task for the future is to learn how to retrieve information, use what is important, and master technology.

The amount of knowledge in the world doubles in less than two years – continually. There is no way for any one human to retain all of that information or to process all of it. Technology makes it possible to access what we need to know.

I’ve heard people say that educating children is the teacher’s responsibility. I say that is only the tip of the iceberg. Education begins with the first breath, the first feeding, the first familiar face in a child’s life. Education is a never ending process and life is the teacher. We are life long learners.

On a spiritual note, we can spend a lifetime pursuing the mysteries of God, yet we never fully comprehend the depth of His love, the vastness of His creation, or the purpose of this life. We can spend a lifetime studying about Him, but for all we think we know, there is always that much more to learn.

The late James Still, a writer and poet I admired greatly and had the privilege of knowing briefly, gave his advice for successful living. Read every day. Learn something new every day. He was in his 90s and still a student of life.


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