Queen of Ordinary is Glad for Past Memories – January 14, 2014

I’ve been working on my resume for the last two days. I am retired from the public school system, but I am not retired from life. I am making every effort to knock on the right doors and see which one God opens for me next.

In going over my resume, I was shocked to see all of the things my students and I had accomplished in the classroom. Isn’t it funny when something great happens that we think we will remember it forever. But forever gets pushed out with new memories. I read notes about things that I hadn’t thought of in years and I felt good about the little thumbprints I hope I left behind on children’s lives.

I wish I had kept as accurate of an account for all the blessings I’ve had through the years, all the kindnesses people have shown me, all of the opportunities God has given me, and all of the answered prayers. Some of them I thought I would remember forever, but just like my classroom antics, they have faded over time.

The featured photo today was from a book project my students did: Mountain Mysteries IV: Animal Encounters. We had a lot of fun collecting stories for that book from students, faculty, family, and community members. The photo is one taken in Begley Wildlife Management Area either by my cousin, Rachel Johnson Burkhart, or myself. We both got some unexpected shots that evening and I’m glad I have the photograph as a reminder.

We don’t always get to take a photo of our great memories. When cameras fail, write it down! Someday, you’ll be glad you did. 🙂


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