The Queen of Ordinary Enjoys Photography – January 15, 2014

Photography is a passion for me. It is its own form of therapy in my life. When I’m feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or weary, a trip out with my camera always does me a lot of good. When I’m looking through the lens, I’m not focused on anything else except setting up a shot or trying to capture a magic moment.
I am more aware of the awesome diversity of God’s creative expression manifested in the Earth when I am behind a camera than any other time. The peace of God finds me and the cares of the world fall away when I’m in pursuit of an image. I am no master photographer, but there is something about the attempt of freezing a snapshot in time that calls out to me, and I must try. When I find the image that I believe will speak to others about the majesty and the beauty of God, I am happy.
It probably doesn’t sound very holy or even very spiritual to look at photography as a form of worship, but I believe the passions we have in our hearts are gifts that God has given us and we have the freedom to do with them as we will. Any gift can be used for good or for evil. Any gift can be nurtured and embraced, or totally ignored.
My cousin, Eugene Asher, gave me my first camera when I was about 9 years old. The world never looked the same to me again.
I have done a lot of crazy things trying to get a good shot. For this particular one, I crawled on my belly like GI Jane for about 50 yards, trying not to spook the herd of elk and keep the full moon in view. Almost as if I had wished him into the shot, this big bull walked to the top of the hill facing me, and turned to look at me as if he was saying, “Is this the shot you were hoping for?” And I considered it a gift from God – a once in a lifetime shot for me.
Every good thing in my life comes from God. I have no doubt. And sometimes when I am out with a camera and so very aware of being surrounded by His beauty, He hands me a moment in time to capture – His gift to me, and my gift to Him in return. As I smile reviewing the image, I can almost feel Him smiling with me.


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