Queen of Ordinary Dreams of a Trip to Scotland – January 18, 2014

How do we make our dreams become a reality? I’ve been dreaming of a trip to Scotland, with camera in hand, for years upon years. I want to see the Scottish Highlands and compare them to our Kentucky Highlands. I want to walk the paths of ancient heroes and see the remains of majestic castles.
I know these dreams and visions are what fairy tales are made of, and yet it seems that to me they call across the miles as if they are part of my destiny. If this is true, I will get there because my spirit is willing to answer the call.
I don’t know how I’ll get there, who my traveling companions will be, or how I will ever be able to afford such a journey, but those little hurdles are nothing if I am meant to go.
At the turn of the year from 2013 to 2014 it dawned on me that it was time for me to stop behaving as if Scotland is only a childish dream of my fancy. It became crystal clear that I needed to start behaving as if it is a reality that has already been booked and set down for a future date in history – just as surely as if it is already recorded in a book. By faith, I’ve begun a “Scotland fund.” My brother, God bless him, was the first to contribute to the cause besides my own meager fund.
Now, other people are showing interest in going along and I’m getting wonderful travel suggestions from many travel places. I even found out that one of my Canadian friends does computer travel booking on the side. Where I had no information before, now I have a lot. I wonder if it has happened this way because I spoke of it as if it is a done deal? Did my faith bring it into reality?
Or perhaps it was meant to happen all along and only now is it approaching the right time. I cannot say, but something is different and I am excited! Whether it happens in the next 6 months or must wait until next year, I feel confident that it is really going to happen. My spirit is willing, I believe I have God’s blessing and purpose, my camera is ready, my luggage can be packed in a matter of hours. Adventure is calling and I must go!


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