Queen of Ordinary Has Possum Invader

I live within the city limits. It’s true that we are surrounded by mountains and a lot of uninhabited land, but it seems to me that an opossum could find a more convenient place to try to make it in the world than under my back deck.
I do remember the little poem about “All creatures great and small; the Lord God made them all.” However, I will admit that I’ve wondered why He created snakes, rats, mice, sharks, and opossums in particular.
While I was away visiting my son over Christmas, a “possum” had been raiding my neighbor’s trashcan and making a mess. Their son tried to chase him down and eliminate the problem. By him chasing, it came over to my house, found a vent that had fallen out, and escaped into my garage. I have not been to crazy about pulling into my garage since I heard that.
I once saw a mother possum that had been hit by a car and there were babies clinging to her back. Tender touch that I am (and even without my camera) I got out to see if I could help. The babies looked pitiful with their little pink eyes, tails, and noses. But when I got anywhere near, they started hissing at me and flashing little sharp teeth like razor blades. I had traffic blocked and had to go on. I don’t know for sure what happened to them, but I never thought they were cute again after that – ever.
The possum attacked my neighbors trash again this evening and their son came to tell me that he had successfully “eliminated” that particular problem under my back deck and needed to remove it. I will admit that there is part of me that has compassion for all living things that God created. I am particularly concerned about wild things in harsh winters – but not enough to want them in my garage or my house. God’s ways are higher than mine.
Wherever and however God intended the creatures of the woods to pass the winter months and stay warm in the winter snows, I’m pretty sure it did not include invading human houses.


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