Queen of Ordinary – Who Can I Blame? January 19, 2014

I got in a hurry this morning on my way to church. I was excited to be there and expecting good things. Too bad I didn’t remember whether or not I had closed the garage door. I was backing down the hill of our little street and bumped into the neighbor’s car.
It looked as if the worst of the damage could be buffed out and nothing serious. Still, I was sick at my stomach when I had to go to the door and tell the neighbor I had bumped his car. He wasn’t mean about it, but I felt like a dog, anyway.
We called the police and had to wait until the officer on duty got through booking someone before he could come. I sat in my car with my feelings hurt at myself for doing something so dumb. I looked around and wished there was something or someone else to blame for part of it at least. That lasted about five seconds.
My bad, my fault, my responsibility. There was no one to blame but myself. I was ashamed of myself for even wishing for a second that there was some way to share the blame. Sometimes I think God lets me have such ridiculous thoughts to speak to me about more spiritual matters.
When we stand before God, we will stand alone – totally accountable, totally responsible for the decisions we’ve made, the lives we’ve lived, the messes we’ve made. There will be no finger pointing, no sharing blame, no getting off the hook. We, individually – we alone will account for our own lives and reap the rewards or the consequences for the lives we’ve lived.
After teaching school for so many years, I’ve encountered children who always tried to blame their bad behavior on someone else and always tried to justify why they didn’t do homework, etc. Even worse than that, I’ve seen plenty of parents who absolutely refused to take responsibility for anything, and taught their children to always look first for someone else to blame, rather than shouldering their own consequences.
I think one of the first signs of maturity is to accept blame where blame is due and resist pointing fingers at anyone else.


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