The Queen of Ordinary Has Butterfingers – January 20, 2014

Did you every have a day, or two or three in a row, where it seemed like everything you touched went haywire? Yesterday was such a day for me, and today was more of the same.
Yesterday I bumped into my neighbor’s car on the way to church, had to file a police report, etc. Later in the day I was emptying the dishwasher and don’t even know how I managed to break a glass while stacking glasses in the cabinet. I knocked a shelf off of the wall in the kitchen and nick nacks went flying across the room. Then I managed to knock an egg carton out of the refrigerator so that “JUMBO” sized eggs broke in the floor (2 times). I kept dropping things for no apparent reason.
Today I knocked an entire shelf full of breakables off the wall in the hallway. I honestly don’t remember being anywhere near that shelf, but it certainly didn’t fall by itself. Once I replaced the shelf and resituated the things I hadn’t broken, I had all of the glass to clean up.
I’ve been through this before. This “breaking/knocking over/making a mess” spell will pass and I won’t have to deal with it again for months.
Can any good come out of these little irritations? Is God teaching me anything at all in the middle of the mess? Yes, He is.
When such things happened in cycles in the past, I’d get upset. Breaking things has always made me a nervous wreck. Breaking several things would bring me to tears, and cleaning up several useless messes would make me angry. I must have learned something along the way because it still aggravates me, but I handle things differently.
Yesterday when I bumped into the car, I made myself search for the good. No one else was hurt (no one was in the parked car.) I was okay. The other car only had minor damage. No one was hurt. I hadn’t run over a pet or caused anyone any physical harm. I have insurance. I am physically fine. No one was hurt. No one was hurt.
As far as cleaning up the messes, I thought, “If this is the worst thing in my day, it surely isn’t very much. Lord, help me not to stress about silly things.” Even today when I broke several trinkets in the shelf, I though, “Thank you, God. They are only things – not people. They were pretty, but not irreplaceable. Just stuff.”
Everyone has those kinds of situations to deal with. The next time it happens to you, remember to look for the positive and let God take care of the rest.


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