Queen of Ordinary is Prepared – January 21, 2014

FotoSketcher - DSCF2926

As another cycle of bad weather in a 1,000 mile stretch moves across the country, people were flocking to the grocery stores to get ready. A friend who works in a retail store told me that when the last storm was anticipated, they sold out of milk, eggs, bread, and toilet paper. People take the weather seriously.
What if we knew that today was going to be our last day on the planet? What if we knew that God was going to call us home today? How would we prepare? What would we do differently.
I love the philosophy that someone once told me, “Live every day as if it might be your last, and plan for the future as if you are going to live forever.”     My friend, Earl Hamner, comes to mind when I think about this. He is the creator of the Waltons TV series, the real John Boy, and the voice that opens and closes every episode. At 90, he is still living life to the fullest, still working on projects, still making preparations for tomorrow. The last time we communicated, he is working on a play, a musical version of The Homecoming. He is my hero and I hope I am like that in the years ahead.
In the featured photo today (which I spotted at the edge of Wendy’s parking lot in Harlan, KY), there is a sign/monument that simply says, “Prepare to meet God.” This type of sign, or similar, used to dot the landscape, but there are few remaining that I have seen in recent years. The simple message is one of the most powerful ones to be found.
Sometimes we prepare for snows that don’t come, storms that blow around us, company that doesn’t show up, or raises, love, promotions that don’t materialize. We are disappointed when we prepare for something that doesn’t materialize. But I am convinced beyond a shadow of doubt that those who “Prepare to meet God” will not be disappointed.
If today was your day to stand before Him, the King of all glory, are you prepared?


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