Queen of Ordinary Hears God Speak – January 22, 2014

FotoSketcher - biltmore - Misc. 068   God speaks to us in many ways.  Do you recognize His voice?

Sometimes I wish God would just speak to me in an audible voice and tell me what to do or what not to do, but the truth is I have heard God speaking to me throughout my lifetime on a variety of occasions.  Usually, it comes when I’m least expecting it.  Most of the time, it is to rebuke me in a loving way or to teach me something.

When my Grandfather Hamlin died, I was in the middle of a personal crisis in my life.  My husband had left me and our 11 month old son for another woman.  I had gone back to college to finish my teaching certificate and try to make a future for my son and I.  I was juggling baby, classes, and jobs.  I was also having a real pity party.  I looked into my Grandfather’s peaceful face in his casket and wished it was me – free from all of the heartache and troubles of life.  God spoke to me as if he was standing right behind me, speaking into my ear.

“Judy!  I have no use for you like this and you have no use for yourself!  It is time for you to come back from the dead and take your place among the living.”

I turned around and no one was anywhere near me.  You can bet that the message jolted me back to reality.  I needed a good swift kick in the pants and I got one.  But at other times, God has spoken to me in very loving and tender words.

I had a vision once of a human hand holding the tiniest little seeds inside.  A voice spoke to me and asked me what I saw.  I replied, “I see a hand holding tiny seeds.”  Instantly the vision changed and I saw a huge rosebush in glorious blooms, laden down with fragrant blossoms.  Again the voice spoke.  “When you look at the seed, you only see a seed.  When God looks at the seed, He sees the rosebush in full bloom.”

You may be at a place in your life where you can only see what is right in front of you – all the heartaches, challenges, and difficulties.  You may doubt that you have the strength to make it.  But when God looks at you, He sees you in your full maturity, beautiful and fruitful because of His potential He has placed within the tiny seed that is you.


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