Queen of Ordinary Paves Her Path One Step at a Time – January 25, 2014

FotoSketcher - 2009_0923WB2Wedding0017

What if you had every step you’ve ever taken in your life counted? Can you imagine? Think of the steps you took when you were first learning to walk, then run! If you played any kind of sports, the training probably included exercise and running. If you played basketball, just imagine how many steps it took up and down the court for one ball game!

Sometimes things happen in our lives that we have no control over – an accident, an illness, an unfaithful spouse, our parents relocate us as children from one home and school to another. Yet, even in those times we are still making decisions about how we behave, how we respond, and how we walk into the future.

God has promised to walk with us, to guide our paths, and to be a lamp unto our feet, but every step along the way, we make it. What if with every step a brick was set in place. Where has your path taken you? If you could see the path behind you, where have you been? As you plan the path in front of you, where will it lead?


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