Queen of Ordinary Waits for the Groom’s Face to See His Bride – February 6, 2014

FotoSketcher - Rachel_s best 095 (2)

At most weddings, people are focused on the bride when she makes her entrance and starts her long walk to the altar.  Maybe it’s the photographer in me, but before I see her in all of her glory, I want to see the groom’s face when he sees her.  These moments do not disappoint.

It is a hard shot to capture, but I always know when the groom has seen his wife to be enter the sanctuary.  That split second look of love, awe, and wonder is absolutely priceless.

The groom in this photo married my beautiful cousin, Rachel.  She nor he had ever been married.  He was holding out for the right woman.  She was holding out for the right man.  I remember her telling me once that she did not want to date just for the sake of dating.  She wanted the man whom God had set aside for her alone.

When a person is single and everyone around them seems to be falling in love and getting married, it is hard not to wonder if it is ever going to be their turn.  When we let God do the choosing for us, I think it is well worth the wait.  That’s what shows in this groom’s eyes.



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