Queen of Ordinary Rejoices in Friends’ Answered Prayers – February 12, 2014

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Have you ever prayed for someone or for something such a long time that you began to feel like you might need to stop?  Maybe you’ve thought that God wasn’t listening to your prayers about that particular person or specific situation.  I’ve been there, too!

When one of my best friends, Bubba Joe, met his future bride, I wasn’t sure that she was going to be the one.  I had literally prayed for him for decades – that God would see his need for a wife, and choose the perfect woman for him that share the rest of his life.  I think he had given up.

Then came Brenda, from half a world away, an evangelist’s daughter whose father happened to be passing through his town.  Once the two met, things began to come together and fall into place rather quickly.  She was an answer to prayer.  Their wedding day was an answer to many prayers come together.

I know that prayer makes a difference.  The answers don’t always come when we want them or when we think we need them.  God is never early in His answers, and He is never late.  If we commit our ways to Him, there were come an answer in the right time.

I’ve prayed for lots of single friends over the years, asking God to send the right person into their lives who will love them, honor them, serve God with them, and be happy together.  I’ve seen many of those prayers answered, even in the last year.  Sometimes I wonder if those same friends are still praying for me – that I will accomplish God’s purpose for my life and that if it is a good thing in God’s eyes, that I’ll have someone to share it with.

I have come to realize something very important about those wedding prayers I’ve prayed.  The couple has their work cut out for them.  A good marriage is daily wrapped in prayer.  Husbands and wives should be the strongest prayer warrior in each other’s lives.  They know intimate details and desires present in their lives that no one outside of the marriage can possibly know.

In waiting for the right person, God knows who that prayer warrior will be for you, to pick up in the place where friends cannot go.  For all of my married friends through the decades, I thank God for your answered prayer.


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