Queen of Ordinary Learns about Love through Grandchildren – February 13, 2014

FotoSketcher - DSCF1794

I didn’t think it was possible to love a child as much as I loved my son when he was born.  I loved him so  much it hurt!  I would sit and watch him sleep and be perfectly content.  His little smiles, his hugs, and his beautiful baby face were imprinted on my heart.

When my first grandchild was born – a boy – I couldn’t believe how my thoughts and emotions were swept back to that precious time in my life as a new mother.  Yet, this was not my own child, but my son’s son.  How was it possible that I could love him differently, yet so completely.

Before the next baby came, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to love her with the same intensity that I loved her brother.  What a shock when I held her in my arms and the tears welled up from my heart and dripped down my face.  She was the most beautiful, perfect girl child I had ever seen.

I am thankful to have discovered that the heart is not limited to a certain amount of love.  The more we give, the more we have.  With each new loved one, my borders are enlarged and my capacity to love intensely only grows.

I remember a poem from my college days, “Love wasn’t put in your heart to stay.  Love isn’t love until you give it away.” – Michael W. Smith

Ask any grandparent.  One of the most amazing lessons in love is the gift of grandchildren!







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