Queen of Ordinary Delights in the Lord – February 24. 2014

FotoSketcher - 2007_0919-2008reunionfamily0052

It always bothers me when I hear people talk about God as if He is some cruel taskmaster sitting on His throne in heaven, just waiting for us to mess up so He can crush us.

I’ve read/heard that people perceive God to be similar to their biological father.  If their father was absentee, uninvolved, and indifferent, this is how they think God will be in their life.  If their father was brutal and physically violent toward his family, these are the people who think God is just waiting for a good excuse to squash them.

I am thankful that I had a dad who was gentle and loving.  He wasn’t afraid to spank us if we needed it, but he loved us constantly and provided for our spiritual and physical needs.  I, therefore, see God as a loving father who is involved in our lives and wants us to be happy and healthy.

Fathers have such a huge opportunity and responsibility to influence their families as a God appointed head of the household who has more impact on his family’s life than any other man.

I believe that God enjoys preparing surprises for us along the way.  A hidden flower, a gorgeous sunset, a gentle breeze, or a flaming leaf all speak to me of God’s goodness.  I delight in the Lord, in His love, in His plan for my life, in His goodness, in His tender mercies.


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