Queen of Ordinary Considers the Wisdom of Eggs – February 26, 2014

FotoSketcher - Hamlin family reunion 2010 001

I didn’t realize eggs came in so many different colors until a friend picked out a couple of dozen for me from her own little flock of chickens.  It was an amazing discovery.

Eggs are such a vital part of the human diet.  Fried, boiled, broiled, sunny side up, deviled, sheered, or scrambled – eggs are a treat.  Almost all baking recipes need eggs to help firm the ingredients as they bake.

I looked the origin of the phrase up on the internet and discovered that Miguel Cervantes is given the credit for it first appearing in Don Quixote around 1600.  The phrase is probably as old as Cervantes or even older; the first certain recorded use is in a 1660 text, where it is clearly already a well known proverb.  After this it appears frequently, always with the same meaning of  “Don’t put all your resources (money, time, energy) into the same project, in case that project fails.”

I think the saying could also be interpreted to mean that we should have many interests in life.  We need to develop our spirit, mind, and body and find ways to grow in all of those ways.  We all have more than one gift but many of us fail to develop even one to its fullest potential.

On the opposite view of putting all of your eggs in one basket, Mark Twain and Andrew Carnegie are both credited with this quote:  ““Put all your eggs in one basket and then watch that basket.”



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