Queen of Ordinary Says Beauty Begins Within

FotoSketcher - IMG_3687 (2)

“You’re fat!”

“I might be fat, but I can lose weight.  You are ugly, and there’s nothing you can do about that!”

I remember hearing these insults hurled around during high school.  Both are mean spirited.

I wish people were more concerned with developing their inner beauty than trying to create artificial beauty on the outside.  If I was a wealthy woman perhaps I would have considered having my ears trimmed, my nose perfected, my lips plumped, my neck smoothed, or my tummy tucked.  Alas, I am neither wealthy or vain.

No one wants to grow older and LOOK older.  It is a natural process.  Gravity is not our friend as we watch our body begin to sag and wrinkles begin to form.  Outer beauty fades with the passing of years, but the beauty of the spirit and the person within can remain radiant as long as a person lives.

Through a camera lens, I can find a best shot, a best angle for almost anyone.  But it is the inner spirit of the person I try to capture in a look or mannerism.  There are some physically beautiful people that are really hard to photograph because their mannerisms are stiff and their eyes betray what’s on the inside.  No airbrushing or retouching for me.  I look for the real person.  Real people are beautiful.

I want to be that little 90 year old granny who still laughs at life and herself, embraces the moment and lives every single day to the fullest.  If wrinkles are going to come, I want them to be laugh lines and love lines.  If my assets are going to shift or sag, I don’t want those changes to stop me from being happy to be alive, or cause me to measure myself against a 16 year old who has been air brushed to artificial perfection.

If there is any beauty in me, I pray that it will be from the Spirit of Christ dwelling in me that is full of love, joy, compassion, and wisdom – all of which transcend time and space.  Would I like to be skinny and fabulous on film?  Who wouldn’t?

Instead, I am ORDINARY… I am the Queen of Ordinary.  People think they know me where ever I go because the know someone who “looks just like” me.  I have a familiar face, apparently.  It was a happy day when I realized that Ordinary is a gift.  A familiar face is a gift.  People are drawn to me because I don’t intimidate them with outer beauty.  I am me… the ME that God made me.

Does He think I’m beautiful?  I sure hope so because He sees me on the inside where it really counts.



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