Ordinary is a Gift from God n- March 7, 2014

FotoSketcher - Hamlin family reunion 2010 184

I used to be very sad that I wasn’t born beautiful.  My mother is beautiful.  My aunts are beautiful.  My cousins are beautiful.  I got the gift of ordinary.

It took a while to realize that it is a gift and not a curse.  Everywhere I go people think they know me – no matter how old, how young, thinner, heavier, long hair, hair up, or however I happen to be – it’s still just ordinary me.  Over my lifetime I’ve had probably hundreds of people come up to me and start talking – about how I look like someone familiar.  They tell me about their lives, their disappointments, their joys, and even give me prayer requests.

I don’t think those same things would happen to me if I was some glamorous, incredible beauty..  People are intimidated by people who are really beautiful and always suspect them of ulterior motives or always pine after them.  I don’t have to deal with any of that.

I kind of like to be Just Judy – Queen of Ordinary.



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