Queen of Ordinary’s Hope is Renewed – March 10, 2014

FotoSketcher - bobcats and other critters 054

I saw four deer in a cornfield over the week-end.  Someone else was driving, so I didn’t get to stop and take pictures, but I could see that one of the deer was a fawn.  The sun was shining, the air was clear and I felt myself smiling from the inside out.

There is something about the anticipation of spring that touches the part of the human spirit that longs for renewal.  We want to believe that things will be better in a new season, that there are possibilities we haven’t seen yet.

With grandchildren in the car and a fawn in the field, I was flooded with a sense of rightness.  There are seasons for everything.  I don’t like winter in general, but I think without winter, I wouldn’t appreciate spring quite so much.

The same day, I saw spring flowers pushing their blades upward through the soil and flowers waiting to unfurl their colorful petals.  After the winter, we can all embrace the hope of renewal around us and within.



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