Queen of Ordinary Admires Talented Hands – March 11, 2014

FotoSketcher - swappin_ meetin_ 054

I’ve always admired women with a talent for making things.  If you watch a person’s hands doing something they have done often, it looks easy.  The fastest way to disprove that is to try and do it yourself!

Have you ever thought you would have liked to live in another era of the past?  I used to romanticize life as a pioneer or life in medieval times.  That childish fantasy lasted until I became an adult and really studied those time periods.

If you were a queen or a princess in medieval times, you probably were expected to do a lot of embroidery or paint tableaus.  Some sewing would have been on the agenda, but there was probably someone else around to do the rest of the chores for you.  Had I lived in that time period, I most likely would have been the one doing the chores or emptying chamber pots!

My ancestors were pioneers who helped settle the Appalachian Mountains from the Carolinas up through Kentucky before they moved on in the Westward movement.  There was nothing easy about their lives.  From cooking to making soap, quilts, clothing, plucking chickens, chopping wood, tending children, or hoeing in the garden a woman’s hands were busy all the time.

In the time we live in, we have so many conveniences that our ancestors near and far could never have imagined.  Someone else does our weaving, clothes making, usually our food gathering and preserving.  We have machines that do our laundry and microwaves to cook our food.  Our hands are not as busy as they used to be.  If we could look into the future by a hundred years, we would probably be shocked at how much simpler our offsprings’ offspring would be and how much less “labor” there would be for their hands – besides technical operations.

I believe the Bible is relevant for all people of all ages.  Even thousands of years ago, the Bible commends women who make good use of their time and use their hands in creative and productive ways.  Whether it is childcare, cooking, painting, decorating, quilt making, or  whatever it happens to be, a woman’s work with her hands is important and helps define who she is.  The successful work she does will be her own reward.


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