Queen of Ordinary – Home Again, Jiggity Jig!

FotoSketcher - calendar - bumble bee and blue flowers

Have you ever heard this joke?  “What  did the insect say to the windshield after diving into it?”

“If I had enough guts, I’d do it again!”

I just drove home from my son’s house about seven hours away.  Some will be glad to hear that my windshield was constantly being splattered by swarms of insects.  The temperature yesterday was in the mid seventies and today back in the mid thirties here.  The breath of warmth was enough to lure insects from their winter hiding places apparently.

There are so many things in the insect world to ponder… locusts that only hatch out every seventeen years, mayflies that live for 24 hours, mate, and then die, caterpillars that turn into glorious butterflies.  But perhaps the most amazing is the bumblebee.

Aerodynamically, the bumble bee should not be able to fly.  Their bodies are too heavy for their wings!  Until I started reading about them, I didn’t realize there are about 250 species of bumble bees around the world.  Only females have stingers on their tales.  About one third of all that humans eat is pollinated by bumble bees.

I am amazed by people who reject the idea of God as Creator.  How is it easier to believe that this world and all within it just happened (something from nothing) rather than to believe in intelligent design.  In the purest form of the evolutionary theory – species evolve by survival of the fittest and adaptation.  So, why would there be a need for 250 species of bumbles bees, or hundreds of thousands of insects, trees, flowers, grasses, mammals, etc.?  Why not only one of each – the Cadillac of each species, so to speak.

I for one believe that God loves diversity in creatures, plants, and human beings.  I also think He has a sense of humor.  If you don’t agree, I offer the example of the bumblebee.  Aerodynamically, many scientists in the past said it should not be able to fly because of its body weight compared to wing size, span, etc.  Bees flap their tiny wings about 200 times per second.

Just something to think about…  🙂



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