Queen of Ordinary – Sunshine in Winter – March 16, 2014

FotoSketcher - 2007_0424photoFallrachelDeron0254

I appreciate the friends I’ve had over the course of my lifetime.  It seems that for each season in our lives there are those that come and go, and a few that stay. I still remember grade school friends that made all the difference when I was the new kid coming into a strange school.

I remember the high school and college friends that made such a difference in those formative years.  We laughed together, cried together, and dreamed together.  We prepared for a future and reached for the stars.  We planned on changing the world to a better place.

I thank God for the adult friends who have invested in my life during this season.  This is the seasons of weddings, funerals, childbirths, promotions, careers, successes, failures,  and retirements – an ever changing existence.

I am especially thankful for friends who have endured more than one of those seasons and remained in my life for decades.  I hope and pray that I have been a good friend to all of them.

No matter what is going on in our day to day existence, the presence of good friends is always like sunshine in our lives.



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