Queen of Ordinary on Quilts – March 18, 2014

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I have known some master quilters in my life.  I once made a quilt top with my students as a school project.  One of those master quilters saw it and said, “Law!  I don’t know who did this, but they were certainly no hand to quilt!”

She saved me hours and hours of trying to quilt and deceiving myself about my ability!  It was a good lesson to learn early on.

Quilts and friendship seem to go together.  Throughout American history, there have been little groups of quilters who joined efforts to create a work of beauty.  I am always amazed at the amount of time that goes into a single handmade quilt.  Women’s quilting groups seem to enjoy the time and conversation together while they work as much as the end result of the quilt.

I think our lives our like quilts.  Each person that comes into our life for a season leaves a little piece behind that goes into the pattern.  Some are colorful, some are dark.  Some bring wisdom and joy while others bring sorrow.  Each little separate piece fits into the pattern to create something more beautiful as new pieces are added.

If we are trusting God to order our steps, then he directs our paths and people into our lives who will contribute to the big picture.  He sees the finished product while we are only able  to see one little bit at a time.  As a Christian, I’d like to think that those pieces of my life, those friendships, are stitched together with love and prayer.

There are literally hundreds of patterns of quilts.  If you were a quilt pattern, what do you think you might be?  A Crazy Quilt?  Dresden Plate?  Bow Tie?  Dutch Girl/Boy?  Wedding Ring?  Texas Star?  Monkey Wrench?  Drunkard’s Path?  Flying Geese?


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