Queen of Ordinary on Persistence – March 20, 2014

FotoSketcher - DSCF0156

When we are waiting on an answer to prayer about something important in our lives (or as some call it – waiting on God) some people get confused about what waiting really means.

Waiting on God might mean being still and waiting to see God intervene in situations that are out of our ability to change.  Often it means that we are actively engaged in trying to help ourselves and find answers to our own problems.

I personally have found that in my life God expects effort on my part.  I pray first, then begin to check out possible answers, knock on doors, etc.  And when I’ve done all that I know to do, if the answer is still not obvious, I then stand still.

Sometimes we pray and the answer is so immediate we are surprised at the swiftness of the answer.  Sometimes we pray and we see the answer unfolding gradually as we continue to pray or continue to work toward that end.  At other times we knock on every door, turn over every rock, and ask God to help us find the right opening or the right solution.

There are times our knuckles may be worn out and our rock garden tilled, and still we do not see an answer.  In these times, it is our faith that will help us continue to wait on the Lord.  It is also in these times that we most often recognize that the answer has come from God and not from another person or through our own efforts.  When we’ve done all that we can possibly do, God steps in and takes it from there.

Persistence is the key.  Keep standing.  Continue praying.  Don’t stop believing.  Never give up!



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