Queen of Ordinary Is Wise… Are You? March 23, 2014

FotoSketcher - DSCF8727

The more of life I experience, the more I realize that what I have tasted is only one small drop in the vast ocean of experiences that are available for humankind.

Have you ever met a know it all?  They have the answer for everything.  They feel bigger than the rest of us – wiser, more experienced – and feel compelled to remind us of how limited we are compared to their vast world wise background.  The truth is, such people are delusional.  They limit the world to their minute rationale, and their tiny little life.

What you know for yourself is far more valuable to you about you than what someone else thinks about who they are in this world.  We were never meant to know it all.  What there is left to learn and to experience is what makes life exciting.

No matter how large we live, it is still limited.  No matter how much we accumulate, it is little.  No how much we love, we could love more.  And no matter how much we learn, we have only begun…


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