Queen of Ordinary Is Shocked! March 24, 2014

FotoSketcher - DSCF8993

Sometimes we don’t see answers that are right under our noses because we are too busy looking for them to come in a different package or from a different source.

I’ve been praying about making a trip to Scotland for many, many years.  In my Spirit I heard the instructions, “Stop talking about going to Scotland and start behaving as if you are going.”  That was either at the end of December or the first part of January.

I knew it would take a miracle to come up with the cash to make such a trip, but my mindset changed about the whole thing.  It was no longer a dream or a fantasy, but an appointment.  The waiting had been fulfilled, and I believe God was letting me know that the time had come to make solid plans to go.

I’m still working on raising the cost of the whole trip, but people began to come forward and donate money to this trip in my behalf.  I never expected it.  I thought I’d have to be the one to do all the work, sell my clothes on e-bay, or something drastic.  And I was perfectly willing to do that if it was necessary.  I may still have to do some of that, but not at all like I thought it was going to be.

I’ve been praying for years about making this journey, “If this is the year, Lord, please make a way for me to know the timing is right and have the funds to go.”

God has certainly answered this prayer in ways I didn’t expect.  I thought I had to be my own answer in the finance department.  One friend has volunteered to do photo shoots to add to the fund.  Another one offered to help with a yard sale.  That’s besides friends that have come forward with contributions.

I truly believe this journey is more than a tourist’s outing.  I don’t know what God’s purpose is.  Perhaps I will be forever changed by the experience.  Or perhaps I am going to touch one person’s life for good.  Either way – it certainly feels like a divine appointment.  Even though the trip is months away, I am as excited as ever I have been about a journey.


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