Queen of Ordinary – Into a Foggy Future March 28, 2014

FotoSketcher - DSCF3769

I think it is a good thing that we do not know what the future holds.  It would be overwhelming.  We would spend our time trying to avoid the heartaches and rushing headlong into what we perceived as the good things.

Not knowing what a day will bring forth is what keeps us on our toes, sharpens us, shapes us, and develops our character.  We learn to cope with what comes.  We learn to hope in the promises that tomorrow might hold.

Even in the foggy times when the path before us seems so uncertain, we can be sure that we have a loving Father who knows what lies ahead.

A former pastor, after the loss of his dad, delivered a message I will never forget.  When someone we love dies, we must remember that God is not surprised about it.  They don’t leave this world one day too early, or one day too late.  If they are a Christian, their steps are ordered by the Lord.  No matter how much we might love someone, God loves them more.

He loves us just as much.  Our future may seem uncertain to us, but God sees what lies ahead and He will not forsake us  in the foggy times when we are trying to find our way.

Personally, in real life, I love the fog.  It changes everything.  The whole landscape is different.  Birds are quieter, sounds are clearer, and all of my senses seem to be on alert.  Walking in a foggy place is almost like stepping outside of time and being suspended between two worlds where time doesn’t matter.  I love to have my camera with me in the fog.  The things that stand out in a foggy picture are often things we would not notice on a clear day as being special or beautiful.

I’ve been in fog so thick that I couldn’t see a person standing a few feet away.  I once went on an elk tour and we could hear the elk bugling around us, and hear them crunching the rocks as they walked near, without ever seeing the creatures.  It is important to know where you are and what is around you in a fog bank.

In the fog, every step is important.


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