Queen of Ordinary Wonders, “Where do butterflies go in the snow?” April 15, 2014


Where do butterflies go in the snow?  I was a teacher for 30 years, but there are some questions that still hit me unexpectedly.  I know they are safe through the winter in their little cocoons, but what happens after they hatch and then another snow storm hits?

I took this photo over the week-end at Pine Mountain Settlement School on Pine Mountain in Harlan County, KY.  The campus is a glorious profusion of fresh spring blossoms.  I was a little surprised at all the butterflies there were flitting about from flower to flower.  It was over 80 degrees, so I guess all things pointed to coming out of their winter hiding places just as I had done.

I woke up this morning to pouring snow.  The temperature tonight is supposed to be in the 20s.  Welcome to Kentucky in the Spring!   So what happens to all the lovely winged creatures of the insect world that had come out on the warm days?

I am confident that God’s plan in nature provides for these little ones in such a changing world.  They survive the rainstorms of summer, so surely they can survive a short cold season.  Or perhaps their life cycle is done and they’ve accomplished the work they needed to do or helping pollinate blossoms from one plant to the next.  They certainly were busy as I tried to focus my camera on them, hardly lighting down long enough for my camera to focus.

I am always amazed at the intricacies of nature and the symbiotic relationships between humans, plants, and animals.  No one will ever convince me there is no God, no master Creator or the universe.  Such diversity and precision simply would not happen by chance.  The law of the universe is to go from order to chaos, from order to disorder.  We can see this clearly in mankind’s affairs, but not in nature.  Decomposition, the rock cycle, water cycle, and nitrogen cycle have all been created to regenerate and perpetuate.  This is to me a sure indication of God’s hand in the design of things.

And with Easter coming at the end of the week, from the life cycle of a butterfly to the changing seasons, I am reminded that we, too, are part of an amazing cycle of life.  If we believe in Christ as the Son of God, His victory over the grave, and His sacrifice for our sins, we have hope in our own resurrection.  We shall surely live again after this part of our story is done.



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