Queen of Ordinary Makes Ordinary Mistakes :( April 18, 2014

FotoSketcher - 2007_0805photoFallrachelDeron0118

Sometimes when I have the best of intentions is when I do the dumbest things.  I went to help my mother today about half an hour away from home.  She is 80, my dad 82, and they still pastor a small country church.  She was worried about there being enough eggs to hide on Sunday for the annual Easter egg hunt so that all the children would go away happy.

I went to help her dye 7 dozen eggs, and we filled another 4 dozen or more plastic eggs with candy and money prizes.  Then we went and made sure the tables in the fellowship hall had fresh table cloths, and everything was in order.

That may not sound like a lot, but try it and it will soon become apparent that I needed to be there helping my mom.

On the way home I stopped to take a photograph of a redbud tree.  They are blooming profusely in our region right now.  It wasn’t even a very good shot.  I started to back out of the side road where I had spotted the tree and hit a cemetery maker on a pole that I didn’t see because I was still staring at the redbud tree through my camera and thinking everything behind me was empty.

My back left bumper is caved in.  I was so sick to my stomach!  How stupid of me to be backing up and not giving my full attention to that task alone!  This sorry photograph will probably cost me $500 when I get the bumper fixed.  That would be regrettable at any time, but while I’m trying to hard to save money for my dream trip to Scotland in the fall, it is disastrous.

Maybe I can find someone to fix it cheaper than I think.  One thing for sure is that the photo of the redbud tree surely isn’t worth what it’s going to cost me!



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