Queen of Ordinary Asks, “What were the followers of Christ doing on Easter Eve?” 4/19/2014

FotoSketcher - IMG_1150

Walk with me on an imaginary journey to the tomb of Jesus on Easter Eve.  His disciples, followers, families, and friends were devastated.  The kindest, truest, miracle working man anyone had ever known had been falsely accused and crucified.  His wounded body had been laid in the tomb along with all of their dreams of who He would become on this Earth.

Things had not turned out the way they anticipated.  How could the Son of God be killed at the hands of man?  If the soldiers had come for Jesus, would they be coming for them as well?  Would they be falsely accused?  Crucified?  Where were they to go?  What were they to do?  Where was God in all of this.  Why hadn’t HE stopped the brutality to Jesus?

They had to be feeling hurt, alone, confused, and abandoned.  Their dreams were in disarray.  Their understanding was incomplete.  Gossip and fear were wild and people wanted answers Christ’s followers couldn’t give.

Have you ever felt that way in your own life?  Have things turned out so differently from what you had hoped that you just feel utterly undone?  Most of us feel that way at one time or the other in this life.

If they could only have known what a difference 24 hours would make!

God’s plan and purpose are always better than we can imagine.  HIS timing is perfect.  When we are stopped dead in our tracks and can’t see which way to turn, God sees what lies ahead.

If Jesus had stayed in the grave, none of their lives would have made sense.  Can you imagine the joy and relief they felt when they saw/heard about the empty tomb and actually saw the resurrected JESUS!  He walked among them, sat with them, let them see Him as eyewitnesses and KNOW that he had overcome the grave.  Then and now and forever – HE IS ALIVE!

And WE have no idea how near our answers are.  We have no idea how close we are to the breakthrough, the purpose, the understanding we’ve been trusting God to bring to our lives.  Sometimes 24 hours makes all the difference!



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