Queen of Ordinary Knows Heaven is for REAL! May 2, 2014

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I took my mother to the theater last night to watch a movie – Heaven Is for Real.  She probably hadn’t gone to see anything on the big screen since The Ten Commandments.  When we walked out, I asked her if she liked it.

I was surprised when she said she was disappointed.  Of course, considering the last thing she saw in a theater, she probably was expecting a lot more.  She said she wished they had shown more of heaven and what the child said he had actually seen.  She wanted to have a glimpse of what heaven might look like.  At 80, I believe she thinks about that a lot, knowing that her promotion to that place grows closer each day.

I know that it is entirely possible that I won’t be believed, or that others may think I’m “coo-coo-ca-choo” when I say that I have had glimpses of heaven in visions and dreams over the course of my lifetime.  I never thought those things were exceptional.  On the contrary, I figured if those glimpses came to me, they came to every other ordinary person on the planet.

Believe me or not, your prerogative.

Two things in the movie agree with what I’ve seen in my spirit.  Colors are more brilliant than anything we see here.  When Paul said that we currently “see through a glass darkly,” I think he may have been speaking about more than our limited understanding.  He had his own glimpses of heaven.  Not only were the colors of things more brilliant and without names in our dimension, but they seemed to be alive and full of light internally – almost a combination of liquid light and color that moved.

The second thing, which was a surprise to me, was that there were horses in heaven.  In that particular dream/vision, I saw myself running with a herd of wild horses.  Their manes were blowing back behind them as they ran, as swift as the wind, and they whinnied with the pure joy of running.  I was keeping abreast of them, running with the herd, and a wonderful sense of harmony as if they were my friends.  My hair was blowing back, just like their manes, and my head was back, laughing for the pure joy of running with them.

I have never been a great runner.  I’ve never had a pet horse or been especially close to horses, although I admire their beauty.  I have had a total knee replacement and don’t foresee running ever again in my future.  But there, with the herd, I was as strong and free as the horses were with no limitations, no maladies to inhibit my progress.

I Corinthians 2:9 says, “as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.”

I don’t believe there is anyone living who has seen it all, but I am certain that if I have had glimpses of heaven, others have also.  In spite of what science might try to say about near death experiences being brought about by chemical changes in the body and brain as the body ceases to function, complete with hallucinations, that doesn’t account for every day ordinary people who get unexpected glimpses of heaven in the course of their daily lives or dreams/visions.

I always tell people that God is not afraid of you or your questions.  We can’t ask anything He can’t answer.  He created us with the intelligence to wonder and question the world around us and the world to come.  Each person has to find the faith to believe – but for me, there is no doubt that heaven is real.


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