Queen of Ordinary Finds Treasures – May 3, 2014

FotoSketcher - bell co elk 049

I spent the day today tracking down Yard Sales with a friend.  My family and I have always enjoyed yard sales.  The allure of finding a trinket that turns out to be a treasure keeps us trying our luck with yard sales.

I knew one lady who was having a huge sale.  I found clothing, household items, and purses, but my best treasure was curtains enough to cover my dining room windows.  I once came home with a bracelet that turned out to be authentic.

I’ve heard the saying through the years that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  We are a nature on excess.  Everyone I can think of has more than they need.  Little treasures that were purchased become familiar, old, lose their appeal, and end up in the attic.  The attic becomes so full that it must be cleaned out to make room for more stuff.

Many times I have found the price tags still in place on new garments that are for sale.  I am trying to make sure that I do not bring in a stack of new things into my house unless I am willing to get rid of something I have already stashed away.

Because something has been discarded does not mean that it has no value.

Discarded people still have value.  Abandoned.  Orphaned.  Divorced. Cheated on.  Fired.  Evicted.  There are many circumstances that can cause a person to feel abandoned or devalued.  There are times that we may feel like “trash.”

Just like the yard sale phenomenon – no matter how used up or abandoned one person may leave us feeling, there will always be someone else who still sees our worth.

God never sees us as trash.  To Him, we are all treasures.  He can see our potential.  He can see the place where we may make a huge difference.

The next time  you are feeling forgotten, neglected, or discarded, remember that you must value yourself and that true friends, true family, and true loves, will be able to see your worth.





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