Queen of Ordinary – “Whose the boss?” May 9, 2014

FotoSketcher - DSCF7715

This photograph is pretty amusing all by itself, but the rest of the story is better.

I sat in my car watching this owl and trying to capture a photograph the second it might take flight.  It didn’t.  It didn’t do anything.  It just sat there.

Then the little blackbird showed up and stared at the owl.  Still the owl did nothing.  The blackbird inched closer.  Still nothing.  The blackbird grew bolder and bolder before he flew away.

I finally realized that the owl wasn’t real.  Apparently it is a video camera focused on the parking lot across the street OR was put there to scare away the blackbirds and pigeons from roosting and whitewashing the sidewalks and cars below.

Once the blackbird had established that the owl was not the boss of the rooftop, he went and came back with his friends.  It wasn’t long until the rooftop ledges were filled with birds.

The silent owl sat staring into nothingness while a blackbird landed on his head.

Sometimes our enemies may seem larger than life, scary, and intimidating.  All we need to do is figure out that we are the boss of ourselves.  We make our own decisions.  And sometimes it turns out that the person or things we feared are not real at all.


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