Queen of Ordinary – Motherhood in Nature May 10, 2014

FotoSketcher - bobcats and other critters 052

I love being outdoors, surrounded by the beauty of nature.  Water, rocks, trees, plants, and animals in their natural environment are amazing.  On those rare moments when I get to see the secrets of nature revealed as if I am an invisible spectator are precious to me.

I photographed this mother deer and nursing fawn in the forest as I drove through Cade’s Cove in Townsend, Tennessee.  Hidden in a thicket, it was a miracle that I spotted this tender moment, and even more so that I was able to zoom in quickly out the car window and snap the shot.

Mothers in nature are fascinating.  Some lay eggs and walk away.  Some den up with their little ones until they are big enough and strong enough to venture out into the world.

I believe that God placed a special spark of Himself inside mothers that is the ability, to care, provide, defend, nurture, teach, correct, and protect.  It is unpolluted in the animal kingdom.  Only humans seem to have the ability to mess up those instincts with greed, selfishness, or substance abuse that takes priority over a child.

There is no purer form of love in this world than a mother – animal or human – with a child she loves.





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