Queen of Ordinary – Blackberry Winter – May 15, 2014

FotoSketcher - DSCF3155

It is Blackberry Winter in the Appalachian Mountains.  We measure our cold snaps in the spring by what blooms at that time.  There is Sarvice Winter, Redbud Winter, Blackberry Winter, and Dogwood Winter.

Wild blackberry briars are hanging full of white blossoms.  This summer they will be hanging full of blackberries.  The photo above was taken in July of a previous year.

We often hope for fruit in our lives without passing through the “cold spells.”   We just want the fruit without the briars, without the blossoms, without the waiting.  Fruit only comes in it’s right season.

If we are patient, we can watch the fruit come forth in our lives and in the lives of others after they pass through the cold spells and growing spells.

A Christian’s desire is for their life to bear fruit, but there are no shortcuts.  To bear the fruit we desire, we must go through the growing process.  Prayer, study of God’s Word, self discipline, consistency in our daily walk – all of these are necessary steps in our growing season that will bring forth fruit.

On the blackberry vine, we see the blooms in May, but the ripened fruit will not be ready until July… and well worth the wait!



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