Queen of Ordinary Advice – Avoid Cow Patties!

FotoSketcher - DSCF0327

My grandmother Hamlin used to say, “I don’t know what’s wrong with these young people today.  They will fly and flit over a field full of beautiful flowers and land on a cow patty!

She was referring to young women and young men who pass up good people who would make excellent spouses and chase after the despicable ones who bring nothing but heartache.

I was speaking with a friend yesterday who freely admitted that she is attracted to the “bad boys.”  She has had nothing but a string of broken hearts and disappointments all the way into her 40s.  When a guy is nice to her or tries to treat her like a lady, she finds she is not attracted to him.

She said the is looking for that spark of chemical attraction to start with… if it’s not there, she moves on.  She said she was looking for the kind of romance she’s read about and seen on TV.  I have known A LOT of people who fall into that same stupid Hollywood perversion of true romance and eventually love.

If fireworks happen to start with, they usually fizzle out when one or both parties are through using the other.  If fireworks start and remain throughout a lifetime, that couple is truly blessed and a rarity.  I have observed that the more stable relationships start out “friendly” and give opportunity for the attraction to grow into something deeper, more meaningful, and then let the fireworks start.

So, my advice for today is this:  If  you meet someone who is really nice, and who treats you nice, you should take a seriously long look before you fly off in search of a cow patty.


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