Queen of Ordinary – Beautiful field – May 21, 2014

FotoSketcher - DSCF4751 (2)

I drive past this field every time I go visit my parents.  Something amazing has happened this spring across regional landscapes.  Yellow flowers of some sort are blooming profusely and they have not always been so noticeable.

It’s hard to say if it is because of the amount of rain we had in the winter, or so far this spring.   Perhaps it has to do with the temperatures we’ve been experiencing.  Something seems to have been just right to bring forth this particular plant.

There are so many fields that look like this, it would seem that they have been deliberately sewn with this particular plant.  Yet, when asked, people don’t seem to actually know what this plant is or why their fields are full of them.

I can’t help wondering if this is a once in many years season where these plants have flourished.  Perhaps the roots or the seeds have been in the soil for years waiting for the right condition.

Whatever the reason, looking out over these bright yellow fields is a reminder that there is beauty all around us if we just take time to notice it.




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