Queen of Ordinary Asks Fathers an Important Question – May 24, 2014

FotoSketcher - IMG_5025

Being a daddy is a tough job.  A family’s security an protection are found in the presence of a strong father who knows how to love those in his care.

Sons look to their fathers for wisdom and teaching about the hands on responsibilities of life.  Sometimes dads fail.  They don’t set good examples.  They are self absorbed in their ambitions under the guise of being a good provider and lose sight of what’s most important.

To the sons of dads who let them down, I encourage you to be the one who breaks the cycle your father may have set before you in an unhealthy way.  You don’t have to follow in your father’s footsteps.  Learn from him – even if it means learning what mistakes to avoid.  You will always only have one biological father, and so will your children.

Be the dad your sons can be proud of and the type of man your daughters will marry.  Even when you don’t know it, they are watching you, learning from you, and trying to be like you.  If your dad let you down, let that motivate you to be the dad who doesn’t.


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