Queen of Ordinary Loves Watching Black Bears – June 1, 2014

FotoSketcher - DSCF4919 (3)

Perhaps you have heard the expression, “I’ve been (or looked) everywhere from here to Kingdom Come.”  Kingdom Come is a real place.  It is the State Park at the highest elevation in the state of Kentucky and is located in Cumberland, Kentucky.

The park itself is not that huge or impressive, but the views are spectacular from that elevation.  At Creech overlook, mountains roll off into the northern distance like ocean waves.  It is a spectacular view in any season.  But the coolest thing about the park, in my opinion is the natural resurgence of the bear population.

People drive for hours to get to the Smokey Mountains and hope to see a bear during their visit.  We only have to drive a few minutes in this county to have a chance of seeing bears in the right season.  I saw three different bears today in just a couple of hours, shared the adventure with a friend, and ran into friends on the top of the mountain.

A hangnail moon and twinkling stars signaled time for me to head off the mountain and pack my camera away.  There are probably bears out right now, but they can own the darkness without me and my camera.

It was a good way to end a Sunday evening.  I will attach more photos to share the fun.

DSCF4919 DSCF4920 (2)DSCF4941



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