Queen of Ordinary Senses a Change in Personal Seasons – June 4, 2014

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Most of us get tired of waiting for things to change.  Sometimes we try to run ahead of the “season” and make things happen in our lives all on our own without consulting God or waiting on Him.  Many people treat God like their personal “pooper scooper.”  They run headlong into every new encounter and when it turns out to be a mess, they expect God to clean it up for them.

I believe there are things we can do while we wait on the season of our life to change.  We can become pro-active waiters.  We can prepare our hearts, our minds, and do spiritual housecleaning while we wait.  Perhaps most importantly, we can be faithful in doing the tasks that are in front of us while we wait, even though they may be tedious and not very awe inspiring.

If we could only get a realistic picture of God’s sense of timing, and His concept of seasons, we would see the whole world differently.  This photo of the blackberries shows them in their newly formed stage.   I’ve watched them change from winter briars with nothing but thorns on them, to spring thickets of blossoms, and now that the petals have fallen, the newly formed fruit is making an appearance.

If a person tried to eat these blackberries in their current condition, they would be horrible – bitter, sour, and sickening.  All that would come of trying to harvest them would be scratches from the briars.  But in about one month, those berries are going to be ripe, dark purple, lush, sweet and delicious.  Each berry will ripen in its own time.  Each blackberry briar will be loaded with fruit in its own season and easy to pick.

If we had never seen the process before and only had today to examine them, we would probably think they were pretty worthless.  People often do that with their own lives.  They look at the problems, the heartaches, the disappointments, and limitations and think their life is pretty worthless.

God, on the other hand, who created the seasons of blackberries and of men, know the process that is taking place, the maturing of the fruit on the vine and in our lives.  The thorns and brambles that have us locked right now still can’t keep us from producing fruit in due season.  We need to believe that God knows where we are, knows when the season is right, and when we are mature enough to become something more than we are right now.

These green blackberries still won’t be edible tomorrow, but one day at a time, they are maturing toward what they are supposed to be.  So it is with us.  Every day we live matures us, ripens us, and brings us closer to the season when we will finally reach our best and be most useful.

If you have grown weary in the wait, I urge you not to give up.  You may not be able to see the changes that are coming or God’s plan in the waiting, but be assured there is one.

I’ve been waiting for many years to see some dreams, visions, and promises in my life come to pass.  For sure, I get tired of waiting.  But I never lose sight of God’s timing, His perfect plan, and His faithfulness to me.  I have placed my life in His hands.  He controls my seasons.  I believe my season of fullness, usefulness, sweetness is just ahead.

Don’t give up!  Your season is surely getting ready to change.

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