Queen of Ordinary Asks, “What is your destiny?” – June 6, 2014

FotoSketcher - ScannedImage002_002_002.

Someone I love very dearly is celebrating a birthday.  I found a baby picture and took a trip down memory lane.

I don’t believe any child is an accident.  I do believe every child is born full of potential and with a destiny and a purpose that God has before them if they choose to accept it.

God never violates our will.  We can choose to follow Him and let him fulfill that destiny through us, or we can do our own thing and go our own way.

That is truly a gift from God – that we get to choose.

Even when people make bad choices, God can and will redeem the time if they will turn to Him and ask Him to.  The God who created us, who has a destiny for us, does not give up on us.  He sees the good in us.  He sees His purpose in us.

Every birthday that we celebrate should be a reminder of who we are, where we are, how much time has passed, and if we are allowing God’s purpose and destiny to work in our lives.

Happy Birthday little one!  I love you very much, but God will always love you more!




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