Queen of Ordinary Among Wild Horses – June 9, 2014

FotoSketcher - DSCF5506

Today camera took me to the top of a mountain to an old mining site that is inactive and uninhabited.  We saw two separate groups of wild (or at least free range) horses.  There are totally wild horses in the area, but I’m not certain about these.  Perhaps they had been let out to graze freely through the summer.

Watching animals in their own habitat is something I love to do.  This group of horses seemed to have divided themselves into two small groups.  One group had a young colt.  The other seemed to be made of “watchmen” who stayed apart, but were very watchful of everything that was going on.

We got to see the baby nursing and the others standing guard around the process.  We watched as one took a dirt bath, trying to rid itself of tormenting flies.  The two above were inseparable.  The pale horse was always a couple of steps behind the white horse, always in his shadow, always nuzzling him and feeding close beside him in the tall grass.

The order of their steps and behavior was obviously instinctive and purposeful.  yet there was no one there to lead them, teach them, or reward them.  There was no one to put the bit in their mouth or bridle them.  They behaved as if they had no care in the world except swatting their tails at pesky flies.

Even in the wilderness, God has placed the sense and skills these beautiful creatures need to survive and to exist together peacefully.  I believe humans have the same God given abilities, but the free will to violate them resulting in selfishness and disharmony.

We could take a lesson from these horses in the wilderness and be at peace.


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