Queen of Ordinary Observes Determination – June 17, 2014

FotoSketcher - DSCF3358

There are always lessons to be learned by simply observing things in nature.  One of my favorite things to watch is butterflies.  They are such beautiful creatures and ride so gracefully on the wind, but watching them reveals what hard workers they are.

Our little winged friends work constantly at gathering nectar.  Even when it appears they are resting, they are usually trying out a new plant.

As I watched this particular butterfly, he discovered that his proboscis was not long enough to reach the nectar in the depth of the flower.  He walked around it, uncurled his little straw and each time went a little deeper into the flower until he would back out and try again.  He didn’t quit nor move to a new flower.

What this butterfly needed was the nectar deep in the center of this Day Lily.  Finally he just stuffed himself into the opening at the middle of the flower and practically disappeared.  Only the black tip of his wings were poking out.  I chose this photo because it actually shows that it is a butterfly.

The determination of this little winged beauty was a lesson in nature.  Some people know what they want, but they are not willing to work for it.  They try a bit, then flit away to something else.  Others stay focused, know what they need and are willing to work for it.  They don’t give up until they get what they want.

The pay off is success.  Apparently there was a lot of nectar for this little guy because he stayed out of sight for a while, then emerged and took off for parts unknown.  Working hard and determination will bring us to our pay off if we stick with it – whatever it might be.  Let us learn from the butterfly what determination looks like.



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