Queen of Ordinary Needs Path Direction – 6/18, 2014

FotoSketcher - DSCF3892

A footbridge is a wondrous thing.  When I was small, they were very common in the hills of Appalachia.  To get to many houses, we had to park our vehicle on the far side of the river and walk across a footbridge to get to the house.

My cousins always delighted in getting me in the middle of such a structure and bouncing or making the thing sway if they could.  City raised as I was, the feeling of just walking above the water on such a flimsy thing was bad enough.  to have someone making it move beneath my feet was terrifying.  Sometimes there was a handrail or cable to hold onto, but at other times it was a matter of pure balance.

These little works of ingenuity are scarcely seen these days, but it somehow seems a loss.  Each one was different, built out of necessity, but with the builders own sense of design.

One thing was for certain.  Going across the footbridge was greatly to be preferred over wading through the creek or jumping from rock to rock to get across. Yet, as Christians, we so fear God’s plan for our lives being something undesirable that we would rather wade the waters of life by ourselves or hop from stone to stone rather than taking the clear and direct path that God has set before us.

Over the years I have learned that all goes much smoother when we put our trust in God’s plan for us and let Him direct our paths.



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