Queen of Ordinary KNOWS Prayer Changes Things – July 20, 2014

FotoSketcher - DSCN0073

Prayer changes things.  I KNOW.  It is the most important skill I possess in this life – talking with God.

God wants to fellowship with us.  Largely, we hear from God through the written Word, but also through sermons, music, art, friends, and nature.  But God also speaks to us as we pray through thoughts, directives in our spirit, peace, and very rarely through specific words dropped into our spirit as we pray and seek to fellowship with Hiim.

Prayer is not a “bless me” list.  It is more than a “give me” list, or “I want,” or “please do…”  It is an intimate form of communication that should remind us who we are and who God is to us.  It should remind us of what a privilege we have in communicating with the Creator of the Universe.  My “I need” list often transformed into acknowledging who God is in my life, how much I love Him, how thankful I am for all He’s already done for me, and surrendering my situation to Him for His intervention.

Prayer is the place where I find hope, comfort, peace, direction, and even creative inspiration.

Prayer should be the opening, middle, and closing of every day, the very breath of our lives, no further than a single thought away.

Prayer changes things…. nations, individuals, circumstances, situations, health, finances, expectations, direction.  Prayer is a force that mankind often fails to recognize.  If the prayers of a righteous man avail much, then how powerful can the unified prayers of many be?

Prayer doesn’t only change messes.  It prevents them.  Prayers ahead of time of any situation, decision, or commitment are certainly more important than pleading with God after we’ve implemented our own mess to come in an clean it up.

PRAYER – we can never do too much of it!



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